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Once upon a time there was a fair maiden who was blessed with three beautiful, healthy daughters. Although her daughters brought her great delight she was secretly suffering deep within her heart. The maiden had suffered two very bad marriages that had left her with empty rooms within her heart. One of the empty rooms was the room where passion should dwell but alas passion had been evicted long ago as did his neighbor who dwelt in the room of dreams and happy endings.
One day the maiden and her daughters gave themselves a great treat by dining out. As they were served the very shy, soft-spoken daughter Shawna bellowed while pointing enthusiastically "Hey look mama, that man has blue eyes just like me!" Oh woe as me, the poor maiden was livid with embarrassment but could not help but look towards the object of her daughter's excitement. As she surveyed the room her eye's locked with the stranger's who, true to her daughter's words had eyes so blue one had to be careful not to drown in them. The stranger smiled at the maiden's loss of composure but the twinkle in his eyes spoke of his own embarrassment.
From that very moment thoughts of the handsome stranger consumed her every waking moment and invaded her dreams. Oh how her heart raced just thinking of his smile and remembering the twinkle in his eye's had made her head spin. Although they had met but briefly she knew he already owned her heart and possessed the power to forever change her life.
Weeks passed by with only a few stolen moments of platonic conversation with the handsome stranger. In her great anguish to see the gentleman the maiden found herself finding excuses to make their paths cross. It was found that the kind and handsome stranger's name was Steve and he lived not far from the maidens own abode. Thankfully Steve had a very wise friend that noticed what Steve had not, that the fair maiden Madona was smitten with him. The friend advised the noble gentleman that the fair maiden would not wait forever for Steve to realize her intentions *S*. The one little nudge was all it took for the chivalrous young man to take action. The very next day, Steve arrived at the maiden's place of drudgery on his faithful stead (well, a black Jaguar...close enough *S*) and swooped up The fair maiden in his arms where he then unearthed her passion, dreams and happy endings.
*Post Script: Since that day the handsome Steve has been an understanding, dedicated father to the maidens three daughters. Although it was a enormous undertaking and sometimes he stumbled while learning the ropes of fatherhood, he has turned into the kind of daddy the maiden had always wished for her daughters.
As for the maiden herself, Steve has patiently stood by her side, coached her back from being a near invalid after her accident to the vibrant woman she is today. And yes, Steve still fills the rooms of her heart with the passion she felt the very first day she stared into his arctic blue eyes.
And they lived happily ever after................NO END!

I Love you Sweetheart!


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