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Welcome to Tara's Room, be careful where you step or you might hear the crack of a CD Case or trip over a makeup case. Listen, can you hear her? She is singing again *S* Tara loves to sing (guess she gets that from her mom). Thing is Tara is a lot like her Uncle Doug, she can't seem to remember that when she sings with the headphones on it is coming out a bit louder than she realizes LOL
Tara is almost 12 and is my little mother hen :o) She never fails to take action against her sisters wrong doings to the point where I have to fight for airtime. She cares deeply for them though and I know that right now they do not appreciate just how much she does for them.
Tara has always been a sweet, giving child. I remember when she was only 4 the neighbors had a house fire and everything was lost. Tara saw the adults rounding up clothes, food and blankets and before I knew it she had packed up a big box of toys for the neighbor's children. When I looked inside the box tears welled up and pride was bursting in my heart. Tara did not pack up just any toys to give away; she packed up her very best and most favorite toys
She is also a very perceptive child, she knows when you are having a bad day and tries her best to make her sisters behave and help to make your load a bit lighter. She has always been a conversationalist, she feels more comfortable speaking to adults than children. She has never really comprehended the pettiness of kids her own age.
She cries at the sad parts of the movie (just like mama) and gets angry when there isn't a happy ending (I agree with her there!). She is a thinker too. Last week one of the only two neighborhood gas stations closed down and a few days later we were complaining about how the gas prices had went up again and Tara promptly said "Well since the other gas station closed down they don't have any competition", right on the money she was LOL
When Tara becomes intrigued with a subject- watch out, she will learn everything she can and then repeat it verbatim.
She cares deeply about people and causes and she is so easily hurt that it breaks this mommy's heart. If I could shelter her from all the bad in the world but I know that once she overcomes the problem she also becomes stronger because of it. She is growing up to be me times three LOL
Now, don't think for a minute that I believe this child is perfect. She is mouthy, argumentative, opinionated to the point of stubbornness, and a little grudge holder but all in all I think the good in her far outweighs the not so good parts :0)
Tara has always been the daughter and friend a mother could ever ask for and I am very proud of her. I love you Tear Bear!

Tara's Bar

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