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'Dance of the Suger Plum Fairy'


As you enter Shawna's room you hear a soft voice saying, "You wanna see my Beanie Babies?" Shawna is a soft-spoken 7-year-old. She likes bugs, butterfly's, flowers and animals of all kinds. Her angelic eyes and soft-spoken voice are accompanied by a stubborn streak a mile wide. Shawna is tenderhearted and is a very giving child. She recently donated 12 inches of her hair to Locks of Love an organization that makes hair pieces for children. Some people mistake her quietness for inattention but watch out because although it may appear as though she is playing in her own little world she is very aware of all that goes on around her. :0) The little dickens can be playing away and you almost forget she is there when suddenly out of the blue, without even looking up from play, she adds to the conversation. Usually she doesn't go out for useless chatter, she speaks when she has something to say and I am continually surprised by the wisdom of this seven-year-old. She seems to be a real people person; she gets along well with most everybody. She is also a talented little artist who forever makes me smile with her pictures of happy little flowers and little girls with curly eyelashes. When she was 5 she asked me if the neighbors dog was a boy or a girl. I told her that I didn't know. Shawna said "Well if you take me over there I'll be able to tell you" Oh my, mama did NOT like the way this conversation was going, not one little bit. I went out on a limb and asked Shawna HOW she could tell if the dog was a boy or a girl. She looked up at me as if I were the worlds dumbest person and said in a matter of fact tone "MOM, that's easy, girls got curly eye lashes and boys don't!" Her favorite coloring book, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, had taught her that the only difference between those two mice was a bow, a dress and long curly eyelashes! Oh, my little sweetheart, you make me so happy and I love you dearly.

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