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Welcome to Mariah's Room. Mariah loves to drag people into her room but watch your step for you will find toys scattered from a full day of play. Mariah is my youngest daughter; she is four years old. Mariah has a vivid imagination; she is my first child to have and imaginary friend who has an imaginary mother who owns an imaginary house. I don't worry too much though because when mom plays along she soon tires of the game and announces with her hands on her hips "Mommy, you hafta unnerstand that my friend is NOT real, OK Mommy? It is just pretending in my brain". I laugh so hard and that only sets her off more She stomps away shaking her head in disgust with a "Jesh!" under her breath. She gets sad when her sisters leave her to go to school. One day I made the mistake of buying her a backpack or as she calls it 'ackpack'. She put on her shoes and her ackpack early every morning for a week pleading "Can I go to school now Mommy?" and when I would explain that she just wasn't old enough she would say "But Mommy I got my shoes on and I got an ackpack now I can go to school". Mariah is a loving child but she can also be your typical 4 year old she can repeat the word PLEASE when pleading for something to the point it sounds like nails on a chalk board. And temper, Wow this little angel can have a temper but it is a fleeting temper that never lasts long. There is a song "They call the wind Mariah" in our house they call Mariah windy :0) She is my baby, my little character, she makes my days brighter. Mommy Loves you Mariah!

Well I suppose an update is in order :) Mariah is now 6 years old and is having a wonderful time in kindergarten! She is my youngest and with no little ones at home I am able to volunteer at school. It is a riot to watch 22, 5 and 6 year olds finger paint LOL I cherish my baby for I believe she is truly my last.

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