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My Dad, what words could I ever use to describe him? Honest, loyal, loving, hard working, the list is endless. My Dad has overcome a lot in his life and he has my utmost respect. He was in an accident as a child and suffered many injuries because of it. My father was told he would never walk again, boy did he teach the doctors a thing or two about the human spirit and determination :0) He not only walked but ran and played with his children.
As a youngster I was always amazed at his inability to accept that there was anything he could not do, if you asked him he didn't have a disability. Dad spent many years as a member of the Lions club where I witnessed his love and acceptance of all children whether they be his own children, blind children or children with other disabilities and the joy it brought to his eyes to see them laughing and playing.
Maybe it was his childhood, or the lack of it, that made him what he is. He made every holiday fun, he would get so excited you couldn't help but become excited yourself. He loved playing Santa Claus (maybe that's where I got it :0) I remember a time when the television had only three channels and dad always watched the TV guild to make sure us kids never missed watching the Wizard of Oz every year or the many Christmas and Halloween specials that came on. I don't recall receiving many punishments from my dad, what I feared more than anything was that I would 'let him down'. I remember having done something wrong (I don't even remember what it was) and I thought I would get a good whipping for it but Dad just looked up from his paper and said with a very sad face "Madona, I am so disappointed in you". Awe man, why couldn't he whip me and get it over with? Why did he break out the big guns? I remember I cried for nearly three days. I guess he knew what he was doing after all.
Thank you Dad for teaching me the meaning of honor and honesty. Thank you for teaching me that respect is earned and for teaching me how to be humble. Thank you for every Easter egg you ever hid and for every hour you put in at work to make my life a good one. Sometimes we may not see eye to eye but then I guess mom may be right......we are a lot alike. No matter what- I love you.


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