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Sensei asks the class "Whose Karate it is?" the class answers "MY Karate Sir!", and so it is. This is MY Karate and it is only as good as I make it. I strive every single day to work harder at my Karate.

In October of 2006 I enrolled my youngest daughter in Karate. I joined her on the second class and have faithfully studied hard since then. In the Spring of 2007 another of my daughters began to study with us. We have all attained the rank of 5th Kyu which is a green belt in our system.

I have the distinct honor to train under the guidance of Master Tom Cleaver, you can read his karate history here . If not for his belief in me I might not have survived my first six months. I kept trying purely because he believed in me so much that I didn't have the heart to let him down.

I began karate so that no one could ever beat me down emotionally or physically ever again. I had no idea that I would fall so in love with my new found craft or that I would catch the competitions bug so terminally!

Not only do I have a great teacher and great daughters I am also have the privilege of training with the most talented and caring group of people I have ever met. We catch each other when we fall. We prop each other up when we are weary and we challenge each other to push harder and be great!

In 2006 I was chosen female student of the year. In 2007 earned 1- 3rd place, 5- 2nd places, 6-1st places and 1 grand Championship and was named female adult student of the year at the end of 2007. Not bad I think for a lady who didn't start until she was nearly 40!

I am a USA Martial Arts Alliance Lifetime Member. Click Here to view my Alliance page.

If you have any questions or comments please email me.

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