A Mothers Pain

Every day I hide the pain I want no one to see
I press it down, deeper still, inside of me.
Many look and I try so hard to hide,
The pain I cloak deep down inside.
Choices I’ve made were for the best,
Causes pain and puts me to the test.
Your stories destroy and rewrite the past,
The truth you hide well beneath your mask.
You have retold your lies so well, so many times,
That make believe has become reality in your mind.
So tell me what was my sin, my evil plot?
Protecting your child when you would not?
I read your lies and as planned they cause me great pain,
But if given the choice again I would still choose the same.
Wild accusations thrown about, my supposed sins you compile
All lead back to you choosing that monster over your own child.
I grieve for the loss of my own child and other grandbabies too
But rest soundly at night knowing she is safe from both of you.

Authors Note: This portion of my site has been taken down as I will not allow my daughter to demean victims of domestic violence by using this website in her attempts to hurt me. Please pray for her. I love you no matter how much you try to hurt me, I pray you get the help you so desperately need.